May 2017

In April, my son Calvin came with me to Europe, and I was preaching at Regiogemeinde, Basel, then in Sweden for meetings with the Klippen fellowship in the south, and then in UK, at Forest Town.  It was a good time.  I was specially impressed with the way in which Klippen has become so multi-national.  While I was in UK I was invited to join in a couple of TV programmes with RT Kendall (revewing two of his books).   

Now we are back in Kenya.  At present Jenny is in Kitale (back Sunday) looking after the prayer-centre there.  The next couple of Sundays, God willing,  I shall be continuing my Hebrews sermons.  In am in Hebrews 12.  I am also trying to push forward various writings designed to help developing world pastors. 

Kenya is hotting up politically.  Elections are in August.  

I spend a lot of time answering questions on e-mails.  I notice recently how many young Christians get drawn into cults without at first realizing where they are going!  I have heard of young people going to the Moonies (for example) because the singing is so nice (!)  and then being puzzled by the things they are hearing.