Michael Eaton was one of the many leaders of Chrisco Fellowship of Churches, Nairobi, Kenya (which was started as a prayer meeting in 1978, led by Harry Das). Chrisco now numbers hundreds of congregations. In Kenya it is very much an indigenous movement. Its people are poor, in some cases desperately so. It is wholly East African (Kenyans, Ugandans, Tanzanians) in membership. Michael worked with his Kenyan colleague, Pastor Jeremiah Mugala, as pastor in Chrisco Central Church, in the slum-suburb of Kibera in Nairobi (total population 4 million). In Kibera, the people are very needy but Chrisco has its largest building (which holds 3000) in the heart of the slum and has its lively `flagship´ congregation there. Michael made Kibera his base for outreach to many corners of Kenya and its surrounding countries. Michael spent much time with the various churches in inner-city Nairobi plus its meetings in Nairobi Cinema.

Michael and his wife Jenny are also members of Westminster Chapel in Britain, and have many links with churches in Africa, Asia and Europe. Jenny also has a special concern for the parts of the world troubled by famine and war and often has opportunities to minister in South Sudan and similar localities near Kenya.