Did Jesus have a plan for His three year ministry?
Is it possible to follow the changes and developments in Jesus' tours of Galilee?

Since the nineteenth century, biblical scholars pursuing the "Quest of the historical Jesus" have almost given up hope of telling the story of Jesus' life in chronological order. But is this necessary? Michael Eaton argues that three of the gospels are almost entirely in chronological order; only one of them tells the story without much regard for sequence. If this is realised, then Jesus' ministry can be told as a single continuous story—and the results are interesting and important.

Dr. R.T. Kendall:
"An outstanding and remarkable book! Michael Eaton capably demonstrates the reliability and accuracy of our Gospels and gives us a breathtaking moment by moment account of the life of Jesus. I highly recommend it."

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The apostle Paul urged us to, "Pursue love, and earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy." Michael Eaton argues that there is a kind of preaching which is a "sub-section" of the gift of prophecy and that the balance between love plus the gift of prophetic preaching is the greatest need of the 21st century church.

Sharply differentiating prophetic preaching from biblical teaching or lecturing, the author describes the characteristics of the gift and shows that it will work at its best where a thorough grasp of the Bible is coupled with spiritual power.

Topics covered include:
How God speaks through chosen people / The marks of true preaching / Evangelistic preaching / How Jesus was trained / How Jesus trained the apostles / The ministry of the prophetic preacher

Dr. R.T. Kendall:
"Essential reading for every aspiring preacher."

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This is a new, fully revised, edited and updated edition of Michael Eaton's magisterial study of the biblical, theological, and historical dimensions of assurance in the life of a Christian believer. 

He challenges both traditional Arminian and Calvinist views, in which salvation and good works are too tightly bound together, by drawing a clear distinction between salvation and reward. He expounds a robust and radical grace—through which salvation overflows in assurance—based on a survey of select portions of the Old and New Testaments, and in dialogue with relevant writings by others. This edition includes a new section of three chapters in which Michael Eaton responds in particular to the writings of Tom Wright on covenant.

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Most people have heard of the Sermon of the Mount and are aware of some of its contents yet it is often a misunderstood sermon; people see the 'niceness' of Jesus' words and are not aware of the radical nature of what he taught.

It is a description of the kind of life that is to be lived by Jesus' disciples. It is a call to live for the things of heaven rather than the temporary satisfaction of worldly things. It is also a call to abandon any dependence on earthly status or riches and instead develop a life dependent upon God and concern for others.

It was designed to shatter our self-confidence and lead us to repentance. It is the opposite of modern self-ishness and a call to godly self-lessness, it tells us to get up and start changing our lives to conform to the quality of life demanded by our master and teacher—Jesus!

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