Augustine of Hippo once gave a survey of what he had written (called in Latin Retractiones) - fairly complete but with a few gaps.   Perhaps the same thing should be done for Dr Eaton, for he has for many years made books and manuscripts available for many countries in the world.  Here is a similar survey - also intended to be as complete as possible (eventually) but also with some gaps.  It does not include translations which are found in about twelve languages.   

The first piece of writing by Dr Eaton that was ever published was his testimony to his conversion, printed in the school magazine of Highbury Grammar school in London many years ago.  A Jewish fellow-pupil wrote a reply to it!  But neither of the two articles has survived. The oldest piece of his writings which still exists, written when Dr Eaton was a teenager, is a review of W. Hendriken's Philippians - published in Discipulus, the student-magazine of Tyndale Hall, Bristol, UK.

But let us begin with officially published books

Ecclesiastes (Tyndale Old Testament Commentary), (IVP, 1983).  

This was Pastor Eaton's first book.  Be warned: it is more technical than the books he writes today!    Those wanting to read a simpler version of his work on Ecclesiastes would do better to read the Preaching Through the Bible version (see below) or 'Ecclesiastes' in the New Bible Commentary – 21st Century Edition - which are both easier to read!     

The Baptism with the Spirit (IVP, 1989).  This is Dr Eaton's M.Th. thesis.  It deals with the teaching of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, dealing especially with its pre-history in the teaching of Calvin and the Puritans.  It is now out of print but occasionally it gets reprinted in USA, and can be obtained via . 

How to Live a Godly Life (Sovereign World, 1993) republished as Living a Godly Life (Paternoster, 1998).  These are now out of print.  We shall soon arrange for it to be made available again. 

How to Enjoy God's Worldwide Church (Sovereign World, 1995), republished as Enjoying God's Worldwide Church (Paternoster, 1998).  These are now out of print. 

Preaching Through The Bible Series (Sovereign World Trust, 1995).  This consists of about forty books published by Sovereign World Trust covering the whole of the New Testament plus Genesis, Exodus, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel, 1-2 Kings, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Daniel, Joel, Amos.  They were largely given away to preachers in the developing world, although others have often expressed interest in them.   They now amount to seventy-five books, and are due to be published by Piquant (UK), hopefully in this year, in two volumes of just under 3 million words.

Walk by the Spirit (New Frontiers, 1993).  This work on Galatians 5-6 is now replaced by other writings on Galatians. 

Living Under Grace [Romans 6-7]  (Grace Gneration Church, Pietermaritzburg, 1994; 2009).  This is part of a 340,000 word exposition of Romans which might one day be published as one book.  

A Theology of Encouragement (Paternoster, 1995); No Condemnation (IVP, USA. 1997).

 This work with different titles in UK and USA was a rewritten version of Dr Eaton's doctoral thesis.  It omits chapters on James and 1 John.  The second edition (No Condemnation: A Theology of Assurance of Salvation, Piquant, 2011 ) has three extra chapters concerning the teaching of N.T.Wright   

1,2,3 John (The Bible in Focus, Christian Focus, 1996).  

Hosea (The Bible in Focus, Christian Focus, 1996).  

Experiencing God (Paternoster, 1998).  This was the first draft of a section of 'The Whole Counsel of God'.  Much fuller versions are now available.  The first draft is out of print.

Return to Glory [Romans 3:22-5:21] (Paternoster, 1999).  Another part of the 340,000 word exposition of Romans mentioned above.  Currently out of print.

Applying God's Law 1999(Exodus 19-24).  An exposition of the Ten Commandments (Paternoster, 1999).

The Way That Leads to Life [The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7] (Christian Focus, 1999). Out of Print.

God's Last Word [Hebrews 1:1-2:4]  (India, 2002).  

This is the first part of a much larger exposition of Hebrews which might one day be published as one book.   A smaller Hebrews was produced in the Preaching Through the Bible series.  The smaller version will be included in 'The Branch Commentary' (see below).  The larger version is complete to the end of Hebrews 9 but is still being completed.  

 Know the Bible (Hodder and Stoughton, 2002).  Out of Print but available.

Israel, the Church and the Hope of Worldwide Revival (Sovereign World, 2006), Available: Sovereign World, Amazon,

The Jesus of the Gospels (New Wine, 2006). This is now published by Freedom Publishing.  Email: [email protected]

The Gift of Prophetic Preaching. This is now published by Freedom Publishing.  Email: [email protected]

Jesus Cares [Hebrews 2:5-3:11]  (India).  This is the second part of a much larger exposition of Hebrews (see above).  

The Power of Prophetic Preaching 

Entering Into Rest [Hebrews 3:12-4:13]

Everlasting Assurance [Romans 8], Africa School of Leadership, Pietermaritzburg, 2010).

An Anchor Firm and Secure [Hebrews 6:2-20] Africa School of Leadership, Pietermaritzburg, 2010).

Predestination and Israel [Romans 9-11] (3CI, Pretoria, 2011).

A SURVEY of unpublished books

The Branch Commentary   This is expected to be in print during 2019.  It includes Dr Eaton's 75 books in the Preaching Through the Bible series.      

New Testament Greek for Pastors (NTGFP).  This is an unofficial, simplified, corrected, Eatonised Greek teaching book for self-tuition by pastors reading the Greek New Testament – originally designed for teaching in the Chrisco Training Centre, Nairobi.  It was at first based on a book written in the 1920s (no longer copyright), but now it has wandered so far from the original that it has become an independent work.  It has no exercises because it is designed for those plunging into the Greek New Testament to learn as they go along.  


This survey is to be continued.....