The Christian in an Age of Terror

By Martin Lloyd-Jones (Author), Michael Eaton (Editor)

These sermons illustrate a period during which things were dark and dangerous, the threat of terror constant. Since the rise of terrorism in the 21st century these sermons have become startlingly relevant to our own times. Readers will find hope, encouragement and a balanced view of how Christians should live during an age of terror.

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones has been described as "a great pillar of the 20th century evangelical church". His spiritual leadership and reputation for "full-blooded Gospel preaching" has left a legacy around the world that continues to this day. Lloyd-Jones' approach to Bible teaching always followed the same pattern: he believed in working systematically through a book of the Bible, taking each verse at a time, showing what it taught, explaining how that fitted into teaching on the subject elsewhere in the Bible, and showing how the whole teaching was relevant to us today—and particularly how the Christian position contrasted with currently fashionable views. He kept himself in the background and tried to reveal the mind and Word of God to his congregation, letting the message of the Bible speak for itself.

Dr. Michael Eaton who edited this volume of sermons is a respected British theologian based in Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Eaton has degrees from the universities of London, Zambia and South Africa and has written many scholarly works, including works on the theology of Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

These sermons of Martyn Lloyd-Jones were preached at Westminster Chapel at a time when the nations of Europe were, or had been, engaged in fierce conflict. Lloyd-Jones took the time to teach his congregation about the threat of persecution and suffering, and how it should be viewed. When the war was over, he sought to refocus his congregation on the basics of the Christian faith with a series of messages entitled, "What is a Christian?" based on Romans 8.

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