Shattered Gates is the low-profile ministry to refugees and sufferers of various kinds in Africa. This is mainly Jenny´s special concern. A lot of it is kept confidential. `There were prisoners in misery and chains ...Let them give thanks ... For He has shattered gates of bronze, and cut bars of iron asunder´ (Psalm 107:10-16). Under this heading there are small ministries in Kakuma (large refugee camp in north-west Kenya) and in South Sudan.


South Sudan (Africa's newest country) is a land with great needs, spiritual and material. The country has been a war zone for decades; millions have lost their lives. At first the root cause was the pressure upon the south to become Muslims under sharia law - something they refused to do.

When South Sudan became Africa's youngest country in 2011 there was peace for a short time.  But since 2013 there has been endless conflicts between rival factions within the country.

Chrisco Fellowship has several churches there.

Much of Jenny's time in Nairobi is spent in coordinating workers and assisting South Sudanese people to help their own friends back home. Teams are sent out to visit the people; women's groups are set up; intercession groups are started. Jenny attends to urgent donations of food and medical assistance, sent by air or road.  Michael and Jenny visit the country when they can doing what they can for Chrisco churches and some other churches as well.  But at present the country is dangerous, worn-torn and difficult to visit.  At the moment some of our people have run for our lives into Uganda.  Yet God is with them and we hear of the Christians rejoicing amidst suffering and of their having rich times of fellowship together

[to be continued soon]